Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank you to Jami....

She is such a great friend! She took some pictures of EG and I a couple of months ago! I love them! It is hard being in pictures when you are the mom because you are always the one taking the pictures. I so appreciate her taking some of the both of us! I will truly treasure them forever! In hinds sight I really wish I would have made Bones come out back with us (he was watching the USC game) to get some pictures of the 3 of us! Oh well...next time!

I totally think Jami should start doing photography (even if it is just on the side)-Dont you agree?! She did an amazing job!

Here are just a few from our little photo shoot in her back yard! I cant show you all of them because they will be featured on the infamous Christmas Card!

HaHa...poor thing couldn't sit up yet so we had to put her in this basket!!

Love EG's face in this one!

She is just such a happy baby!

I love this one!

Thanks again Jami for being such a great friend and for capturing such great memories with me and EG! I hope I can repay you one day!!

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