Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving.... a little late!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving....lots of food, family, fun and shopping (of course)! This year we sure do have a lot to be thankful for!

Daniel had to work Thursday a.m. so I headed to my parents to go walk with my mom-unfortunately we got rained out. I really wanted to burn some pre-turkey day calories, but oh well at least we tried! Instead we ate breakfast and EG enjoyed her very first Macy's Thanksgiving parade. I truly feel that the Thanksgiving Day parade is the start of the Holiday Season! I love it and EG seemed to really enjoy it as well! After the parade we headed back to my house to get ready for a full day of eating. We hit up the Smiths' first! Since our families were eating only like 1hr. apart this year, I decided that I was only going to eat one meal. Last year I had an excuse to eat as much as I wanted-I had another human being to feed! But if I ever want to get rid of the rest of this baby weight off I cannot allow myself to eat 5000calories in one day! Needless to say we definitely got plenty to eat and it was as delicious as it has ever been! Before we ate at my parents I saw my dad cutting the Turkey and he cut off these 2 GIGANTIC turkey legs (my mom cooked at 25lb turkey). I asked him to put one aside-I had the wonderful idea to take some pics with EG and the turkey leg!!! It was the greatest idea ever because these pics are too cute! This will def. be a new tradition!
Another new tradition will be our pre-Thanksgiving baking session! I know EG is too young to understand what is going on but I really think she enjoyed baking with me!!!! And I hope in years to come she will continue to enjoy doing things like this with me
Here are some pics from our great first Thanksgiving with our little one!

EG was such a big help (quite the messy baker)baking the pumpkin cupcakes! The final product was delish if I do say so myself.

This is my favorite! She wanted a bit of this thing so badly! I think she is going to do great with her smash cake on her 1st birthday!

Here are all the girls getting ready to go to Gaffney for some shopping! Dont worry EG stayed at home with daddy...but next year she is going with us! :) I mean she is one of the girls too!

This is from our dinner the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. I hope this will be a new tradition as well!!

I hope everyone else's Thanksgiving was as great as ours!

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