Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ABC's of Me!

I totally just stole this from my friend, Jami's blog!

A. Age: 29 (AHHHHH....I will be 30 this year!)

B. Bed Size: Too Small! We have a queen, but hope to upgrade very soon!

C. Chore you hate: This would be a toss up between laundry and emptying the dishwasher

D. Dogs: Brice and Doc (our first children-they are now referred to as our "furry children")

E. Essential Start to your day: Coffee, Coffee, and more COFFEE!!

F. Favorite Color: Pink

G. Gold or Silver: Right now gold is winning over silver, but I love both

H. Height: 5'10

I. Instruments: The recorder!! Haha....this was the last instrument I played, which was in elementary school

J. Job Title: My #1 title is Mom, but I work part time at Prudential

K. Kids: I have an adorable, almost 9 month old little girl. Her name is Emma Gray

L. Live: Greenville, South Carolina (which is where I hope to always live)

M. Mom's name: Shirley

N. Nicknames: Linds, LPS

O. Overnight Hospital Stay: like 50 nights when I had Emma Gray! That is enough for me until baby #2 comes along

P. Pet Peeves: People who smack or talk with their mouths full and just rude people in general

Q. Quote from a movie: "A parking spot right in front- now that is a good omen!" Girls just want to have fun- one of the best movies ever

R. Right or left handed: Right

S. Siblings: Younger sister

T. Time you wake up: well that depends on EG's schedule-usually around 7:30

U. Underwear: most of the time thongs

V. Vegetables you dislike: Peas...make me gag

W. What makes you run late: My husband....he always has to go to the bathroom the second we have to leave to go somewhere.

X. X-rays you have had: None

Y. Yummy food you make: Spaghetti

Z. Zoo- favorite animal: Giraffe-Hands down!

This was fun!! So there are the ABC's of me!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Going to the Chapel!

Well I am back! I am embarrassed that once again I have fallen off the blogging band wagon, but I am going to try and be better!

Anyways...Someone is getting married (believe it or not it is NOT William and Kate) this weekend! I am so excited because it is my little sister, Jami! I cant believe that this weekend is finally here! After all the months of planning, discussing,and arguing (I mean it in the nicest way)the big day is VERY rapidly approaching us! We are so looking forward to all of the festivities! She is going to be the most beautiful bride and Gabe is one luck man!

I cant help but reminisce about my wedding with all of her wedding talk going on.

Here are some pictures from mine and Daniel's wedding almost 4 years ago that make me smile! (Gosh....time sure does fly when you are having fun - and having a baby!!)

Here's to a fun weekend celebrating Jami and Gabe!!! We can't wait!

I love yall!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oldies, but oh so goodies!

I really wish these shows were still on T.V. In my opinion there are WAY to many reality TV shows on now-a-days and I think we need to bring more sitcoms (that are actually funny) back!

Here are a couple of my favorites that I still watch re-runs of. No matter how many times I have seen an episode I still watch it. I get really excited when once in a blue moon one comes on that I have not seen before!

I mean who doesn't love an episode of Seinfeld! It is a guaranteed laugh!

One of my favs!

And of course everyone's favorite! I literally cried like a baby when this show went off the air!

I guess we have these shows in syndication be thankful for!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This stands for OUT.OF.SHAPE-which is what I am right now. My friend, Mare, and I have been walking 4 miles a day almost every week since early September. This has definitely helped to get the baby weight off, which I am thankful for, but as swimsuit season is fast approaching I am feeling that I really need to "tone" things up before I try and sport the post pregnancy bikini(aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh). So, yesterday I had the brilliant idea that we should do lunges up to our cars at the end of our walk. It was a pretty good distance-up hill I might add- and I think we probably ended up doing about 50 walking lunges. Well needless to say my legs are SO SORE today! I feel so out of shape. I used to work out for hours at a time and be fine the next day! Now all it takes is 5 minutes of lunges and I feel like I am 85 years old! This is definitely motivation to start lifting weights again!

I am thinking that my first plan of action will be using this in my living room while little bit is napping or maybe watching a Baby Einstein because part of my problem is finding time to make it to the gym. I am not about to leave EG at the nursery there yet and sometimes it is more of a hassle to coordinate child care than to just stay home!

So I will definitely continue walking and just add this into my routine a couple times a week! I will let you know how it goes! (Maybe a before and after picture will surface on here-but probably not!:))

I have a lot of hard work ahead of me....but having this little girl is SO worth any amount of exercising that I may have to do to get back into shape!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Choosing to Cheat??

I bet that title got your attention! And no I am not thinking about cheating on my husband! This is the title of the book ,written by Andy Stanley, that we are reading for our home group. We have only made it through the introduction and chapter 1, but I really like this book. I feel like it is going to be so freeing for me. Although it focuses a lot on when work and family collide, you can use the idea of choosing to cheat with any situation in life. The fact of the matter is whatever decisions we make on how to spend our time, something is ALWAYS getting cheated!

Andy makes such a valid point that even if you stayed at work all the time it would not all be done, and if you were at home all the time family time would never be done. The kids will never say "okay mommy and daddy we are done playing with you please go back to work"!

I feel like this idea of work and family colliding is something that everyone struggles with. Hopefully from reading this book I will find clarity in some of the pressures I feel from trying to juggle part time work and my family!

Workaholics should really pick up this book and read it! It will definitely make you change your priorties.

I will give you my complete review of the book when we are done, but so far it is two thumbs up!

Here are two people that I hate to ever have to cheat!!!!

**Funny story about this book- Daniel took it to his mom's house because he is reading it as well and put it on her kitchen table. His mom saw it and was like "Um, Daniel what is this book that you are reading??" Haha she thought he had a lot of explaining to do!