Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Choosing to Cheat??

I bet that title got your attention! And no I am not thinking about cheating on my husband! This is the title of the book ,written by Andy Stanley, that we are reading for our home group. We have only made it through the introduction and chapter 1, but I really like this book. I feel like it is going to be so freeing for me. Although it focuses a lot on when work and family collide, you can use the idea of choosing to cheat with any situation in life. The fact of the matter is whatever decisions we make on how to spend our time, something is ALWAYS getting cheated!

Andy makes such a valid point that even if you stayed at work all the time it would not all be done, and if you were at home all the time family time would never be done. The kids will never say "okay mommy and daddy we are done playing with you please go back to work"!

I feel like this idea of work and family colliding is something that everyone struggles with. Hopefully from reading this book I will find clarity in some of the pressures I feel from trying to juggle part time work and my family!

Workaholics should really pick up this book and read it! It will definitely make you change your priorties.

I will give you my complete review of the book when we are done, but so far it is two thumbs up!

Here are two people that I hate to ever have to cheat!!!!

**Funny story about this book- Daniel took it to his mom's house because he is reading it as well and put it on her kitchen table. His mom saw it and was like "Um, Daniel what is this book that you are reading??" Haha she thought he had a lot of explaining to do!

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