Monday, April 11, 2011

Going to the Chapel!

Well I am back! I am embarrassed that once again I have fallen off the blogging band wagon, but I am going to try and be better!

Anyways...Someone is getting married (believe it or not it is NOT William and Kate) this weekend! I am so excited because it is my little sister, Jami! I cant believe that this weekend is finally here! After all the months of planning, discussing,and arguing (I mean it in the nicest way)the big day is VERY rapidly approaching us! We are so looking forward to all of the festivities! She is going to be the most beautiful bride and Gabe is one luck man!

I cant help but reminisce about my wedding with all of her wedding talk going on.

Here are some pictures from mine and Daniel's wedding almost 4 years ago that make me smile! (Gosh....time sure does fly when you are having fun - and having a baby!!)

Here's to a fun weekend celebrating Jami and Gabe!!! We can't wait!

I love yall!


  1. Yay for an update! Can't wait to celebrate Jami & Gabe this weekend!