Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Picture (and a Christmas Card) is Worth a Million Words....thanks to Shutterfly!

Wow....Thanks to shutterfly for offering bloggers 50 free Christmas cards! That is awesome...and such a money saver! Since I am a slacker and NEVER did any birth announcements for sweet Emma Gray I had to make it my mission to send Christmas Cards this year! After searching many places I found the perfect card on Shutterfly!!! I wanted to be able to include as many pictures as possible of our little Fancy Pants! I found the perfect one! This is one of the many reasons that I love Shutterfly! I also love being able to share pictures of Fancy Pants with our friends and family through Shutterfly!I also love shutterfly because if I can get my act together I will be ordering some Christmas presents from here!

There are so many cards to choose from! Here are just a couple that I liked! Of course the final one I decided on will not be shown below-You will just have to wait until you get it in the mail!!!

Here are a couple of my runners up!

I think I love this one so much becasue this little girl is adorable!

So....if you havent ordered your Christmas cards yet check out their selection Here. And if you have a blog and want to take advantage of this amazing deal click Here!

Happy Shopping!

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