Friday, June 18, 2010

Holy Moly....

ONLY 36 MORE DAYS TO GO (hopefully not too many more than that)!!!!!! I truly cannot believe it! I cant believe how fast these last 8 months have gone-it is unbelievable!

I know that I said that I was going to post nursery pics last week!! OOPS...been a slacker. I will definitely take some this weekend and post (just for you KTVPP!)

We have our first baby shower tonight and two next weekend! We are so blessed that we have some many people who want to do showers for us! I cannot wait!
The shower tonight is being thrown by Daniel's work people. It is a diaper, bib, and book shower! They have asked everyone instead of bringing a card that they bring Critter a book so we can build him/her a library. I thought it was a great idea. And considering that at the present time we have 1 diaper at our house I think that the diaper idea is great too!!! We have sorta of been holding off with buying some of the necessities until after our showers! So hopefully after tonight it will look like we really are going to have a baby in our house!!

Critter update: I went to the Doctor on Tuesday and everything looked fine. The HB was in the 150's and the baby's head is down...getting ready for its arrival! Here is what Critter is up to at week 35:

Now more than 5 pounds, your baby might be more than 18 inches long and seriously competing for space with every other organ scrunched into your torso. Your abdomen may be stretched so large that you're starting to worry your baby is too big, but nature usually does a good job of matching up babies and moms. In any case it's hard to accurately assess a baby's weight at this point because as your baby grows, your amniotic fluid level rises and the placenta grows too.

You may notice that your baby's behavior is becoming increasingly structured, with definite sleep-and-wake cycles. His periods of increased movement may last as long as 20 minutes.

The air sacs of your baby's lungs are becoming lined with surfactant, a chemical substance that keeps lungs expanded after each breath. This will help your baby breathe on his own outside the uterus.

Critter moves A LOT! I am pretty sure that both of those feet are at my ribs and he/she just stretches and pushes those little things way up into my ribs! I dont mind though...if that is the most discomfort that I have felt in 8 months I will take it!! I think that I am going to kind of miss feeling Critter move! I forget who was saying this, but I think it is true - when you are pregnant you get to have and feel everything to yourself and then when you have the baby you have to share it with everyone else!! I am totally not going to be one of those mothers that wont let anyone hold my baby....but I can kind of see where they are coming from!

I hate to leave you with out any pictures, but I dont have any to post right now! Promise I will take pictures of the nursery and of our shower tonight and post them on Monday!
Have a great weekend!

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