Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 Posts in 2 Days....

Not too bad! I might actually like this whole blogging thing!

Well this year St. Patrick’s day came and went…no green beer (no beer at all for that matter), corn beef or cabbage (we ate spaghetti)- about the only thing I did to observe St. Patty's Day this year was wear a green sweater vest that looked too small because I had on a maternity shirt underneath that was really long so it looked like my vest was a belly shirt (got to go invest in some more maternity clothes)!

Speaking of maternity clothes…it has become my new pet peeve to look online for maternity clothes and see models in maternity clothes that have a flatter stomach than I did BEFORE I was pregnant! Seriously….give me a break! I guess I have been lucky so far- I am still in SOME of my regular pants thanks to the bella band (which is a must for when you are first pregnant) but I think that it is time that I go do some spring shopping. There really is nothing like pants with elastic waist bands…everyone should own a pair even if you are not pregnant!

Let me tell you one thing I look forward to this year…Bathing suit shopping…Yeah Right!!! It has always been such a joy in the past (NOT), this year will be a great blast I am sure! (Daniel wanted to know why I couldn’t just wear my old bathing suits and just let “the belly” hang out). I told him this was kind of like seeing someone with “Dunlap’s Disease” (you know your belly is so big it done-lapped over your belt) but way worse! So dont worry….if you are hanging out with me this summer in a bathing suit situation I will not be exposing the belly in my regular bathing suit-it will all be covered up!!!

I always like looking at people’s blogs to see their pictures, so today I will leave you with some random pics of our life!

I made Bones clean out the closet in our extra bedroom and he found this treasure...His warm up from high school basketball. I bet him that it wouldn't fit and he said if it did he got to keep it! He won!

These are just from a randon Sunday in the back yard!(Excuse my outfit...I had on a dress and it was a bit chilly so I put on pj pants). Our dog Brice wants nothing else in life than to just chase the ball...Doc on the other hand just chases Brice who has the ball! I hope we still love them just as much when little Critter gets here!

Have a great Thursday-

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