Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fallen off the "bloggin wagon"!

Well...things here have been kind of busy, hence the no postings in about 2 1/2 weeks! I promise I will start being better about that!!(That was one of my hesitations about starting a blog in the first place.)

I said that when I got pregnant I was going to write in a journal every glorious and gory detail that came with it. I wanted to be able to remember everything that happened and to share all these moments with my friends! Well with only 3 months left to go, I have not written one thing down. I kind of regret that now…but from now on I will try to do a better job. For me being pregnant has been great (for the most part) so far, but I feel like the more gory parts are soon to follow! I thought I would share what I have learned about being pregnant so far!

So here are the positives and negatives of growing a human being in your body:

*It puts a smile on most people’s faces to see a pregnant woman
*You get to park in “Stork parking” at grocery stores (I love doing this…at first I wouldn’t because I didn’t feel like I looked “pregnant” enough)
*You can wear yoga pants and t-shirts to work and no one judges you
*You can eat fries whenever you want to and not feel guilty about it!
*ALL the other foods you can eat and not feel guilty about (pop-tarts, fried pickles, hamburgers, ice cream cones, birthday cake, bagels with cream cheese, pizza, noodles with butter and parm cheese-just to name a few of my favs!!)
*People wanting to touch your stomach
*Getting to redo an entire room in your house-buy new furniture, fabric and accessories-and your husband not getting mad about it!
*People wanting to do things for you-carry stuff, move stuff, bring your surprise snacks and food, and working in the yard for you!
*People always asking you how you are feeling and checking in on you
*Reading to this new little life knowing that in just a couple of months he/she will be able to recognize your voice because it has been hearing it for the last 9 months
*The pure and utter suspense of not knowing if you will have a little boy and girl
* Feeling the “little frogs” jump around in your stomach (feeling the baby move)
*Seeing the look on your husband’s face the first time he feels the baby move and him asking to feel it some more

*Gaining weight- I am already ready to be able to work out at full steam again and can not wait to get back in shape
*Growing out of your clothes-it really hurts your pride when you grow out of underwear!
*ALL of the foods you cant have- turkey sandwiches, sushi, blue cheese, turkey sandwiches, and turkey sandwiches (I am really missing the turkey sandwiches-can’t you tell)
*NO ALCOHOL- this is going to be really tough when I go to the beach and can’t sip on a beer
*The vicious cycle of tiredness and insomnia
*The breakouts reminiscent of those in your teenage years-didn’t love them then, don’t love them now

All in all this first pregnancy has been a good experience! And the positives definietly out weigh the negatives...and it will all be worth it in the end when we get to hold this little bundle of joy!! I can't believe how fast this 6 months have gone-it is amazing how much it has already changed our lives!

I am leaving you with some pictures from Easter weekend...

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  1. i did the same thing, i wrote down all the time " you cant move today , you have no ankles today" lol GL! :)