Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My bags are packed

And I am ready to go...no not leaving on a jet plane-but to the hospital to have this baby!! I have 4 more days until my due date! I would love to have this baby before then, but I am just not sure that it is going to happen!I obviously have never had a baby before,and I am not sure what I should be feeling at this point-but I dont really feel too differently this week than I did last week or last month! I have a dr. appt. tomorrow and they will check me to see if I have dilated! So I will keep everyone updated after my appt!

On another note... I only have 3 days left of work before maternity leave. It is so weird to think that I will not be there for 8 weeks! Everyday I leave I have to make sure my desk is sort of cleaned off and that I have done as much as I can for that day...JUST IN CASE! Maybe I should leave one day totally unprepared and it will make you come quicker! I will miss my work people! I see them more everyday than I do my family! I know that these 8 weeks will go by so fast and I will be in the opposite position of not wanting to leave my little "Critter" but it is just hard to imagine not being there everyday!!!

Well...good night! Maybe I will have something exciting to report tomorrow!!!

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